Highways and byways

The man with the vintage motorbike ambled up our drive, helmet dangling from his hand. Days after our move to a cottage in the heart of the Taw river valley, he’d run out of fuel exploring the little lanes hereabouts. Easy to do. Enhanced by all the driving I did for my last project (Devon Cream Teas), it inspired a growing fascination with our mainly empty, often moss-centred, little lanes.

Devon’s publicly maintained road network is over 8,000 miles long. But it’s not our motorways, A roads, urban mazes, nor even our B roads which make it nearly a third longer than its closest rival. It’s our rural minor roads (classified ‘C’ and unclassified ‘U’) which do it, occupying fully 5% of Great Britain’s minor rural roads. These unsung 6,378 miles are what I’m here to celebrate.

My current focus is the Taw zone which overlaps nine of Devon’s character areas.

The Taw zone

Relevant Devon Character Areas

This site offers access to some of my digital art; my own ‘views from the road’ in the form of a book and selected prints to order:

Selected artworks at REDBUBBLE


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