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Chittlehamholt parish had a population of 169 in the 2011 census. A knob of land in the northern centre of this parish is the southernmost extension of the Devon Character Area (DCA) called the Codden Hill and Wooded Estates which  Devon County Council (DCC) describes as,

a landscape distinguished by its landform of high, whale-backed hills, and the presence of large estates of woodland and parkland. There is a strong sense of peace and tranquillity in the woodlands and along the winding, hedge-banked lanes, with a feeling of being at the ‘heart of Devon’. This is a managed, working landscape with a strong sense of history and culture, with many historic parkland features still visible in today’s landscape. Estate villages cluster around stone bridges or crossroads, and farms nestle into folds in the hills.

The rest of the parish lies in the Taw Valley DCA which DCC notes,

is an intricate, complex and varied landscape within a dramatic valley, which contrasts with the surrounding open, elevated farmland. Woodland and slopes combine with bends and spurs in the valley to hide views onward and create constant surprises. Tightly wooded sections unexpectedly open out to display wide vistas across the valley. Around Eggesford, the steep valley sides and mixture of broadleaved and coniferous woodland is evocative of continental Europe. Elsewhere, tranquil parkland gives the valley a soothing atmosphere.

Chittlehamholt Parish

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