Queen’s Nympton

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Queen’s Nympton parish bundled with George Nympton parish had a population of 175 in the 2011 census. It lies entirely within the Devon Character Area (DCA) known as South Molton Farmland, which Devon County Council characterises as,

bright green fields divided by thick dark green hedgerows create a strong patchwork pattern across this peaceful and highly rural landscape. Steep, narrow and ancient lanes and tracks wind across the hills between flower-rich banks and luxuriant hedgerows. South Molton is a thriving market town with a wealth of colourful medieval, Elizabethan and Georgian buildings laid out around its busy main square. The square towers of the churches of South Molton, George Nympton and Bishop’s Nympton are glimpsed between the hills and form important local landmarks.

Queen’s Nympton Parish

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