Taw zone

Peering past sun-seekers’ coastal haunts, over the battlements of historical cities, beyond the folkloric parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor, one of the most enticingly veiled swathes of Devon is the rolling farm country broadly delineated by the Taw river watershed. With Exmoor to the north, the Exe river watershed to the east, Dartmoor to the south, and the Torridge river watershed to the west, our zone ends just upstream of Barnstaple in the northwest, where the Taw estuary’s tidal reflux ends. Comprising 58 historic parishes bathed in only the dimmest of tourist twilights, any time of year is a good time to linger, whether on foot, pedalling, riding, or driving.

The Taw zone is neatly split into three by two roads diverging from Barnstaple in the northwest: the A377 in a more southerly direction towards Exeter, and the A361 in  a more easterly direction towards Tiverton:

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