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The relatively large Winkleigh parish hosted a population of 1,622 in the 2011 census. It almost entirely consists of the southernmost part of the Devon Character Area (DCA) known as the High Culm Ridges. The Devon County Council (DCC) notes this is,

an open, elevated landscape, where the long views out make an important contribution to the sense of place. The high land of Exmoor (to the north) and Dartmoor (to the south) provide orientation, and a backdrop of seasonally-changing colour. In the north, views out to sea and across the north Devon coast lend a strong maritime influence. Views across and into the neighbouring Taw and Torridge valleys emphasise the contrast between this open farmland and the wooded, enclosed and intimate valley landscapes on either side. Skylines are very important, with clumps of trees and square church towers acting as prominent features and landscape focal points. Woodland and occasional patches of unimproved grassland contribute to the seasonally-changing colour and texture of the landscape.

Winkleigh Parish

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